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Jason Pchajek

Author, Podcaster, Researcher 


Photo credit: Miranda Moroz

New Release

(Fall 2023)

Nikos Wulf is at the top of his game. Within the sublevels of 2120 Winnipeg, he is the undisputed king of bounty hunters, working for the elite Bounty Commission Eco-Terror Taskforce. The job: maintain the delicate ecological balance in a city holding back climate collapse. But when a series of bounties go wrong, Nikos finds himself on the trail of a troubling new player among the city's anti-establishment. Bound to a sense of duty to the city that made him, Nikos finds himself in a deadly game of catch-up with an insidious enemy bent on bringing down everything he's fought so hard to protect.


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From the outset, I asked myself, "what could Winnipeg, and Canada at large, be like in 100 years if we keep going like this?" get Bounty. 

With Bounty you get to see a Canadian spin on what you expect from typical genre fair. Cities expanding down into the earth, a cast of complex characters, a bounty hunting system giving policing to the people, and a uniquely Canadian face to the world and those in it.

On perspective

What can you expect from Bounty?

A new entry into the Climate Fiction (or Cli-Fi) genre, focused on the social, structural, political, and human implications of climate change. 

Bounty is set in a world post climate disaster, but it is not a bleak portrayal of life. Things have changed, it'll never be the same. Storms and tides among shining neon lights. Our nations may have been sold to corporations, but at least we're alive.

On genre

When you read, your imagination becomes film. Your eyes read the script, and your brain becomes the camera. Leaning on my experience as a sports journalist and commentator, I tried to give vivid depictions of action, providing a cinematic eye to what is occurring on the page.

I wanted the book to feel like it would be right at home on screen, and early reviews tell me it succeeded.

On action

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Who am I?

Jason Pchajek (Pay-Jack) is a writer, journalist, radio host, and corporate researcher from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is best known as the play-by-play voice for the University of Manitoba Bisons Men's Hockey team, and co-host of The Hockey Show on 101.5 UMFM.

Jason holds an MA in Sociology from the University of Manitoba, where he was the Sports Editor for The Manitoban. He has also worked as the staff writer for the UWPG Film Festival.

When not working on his next project, Jason spends his time reading, playing video games, and preparing for his next DnD session.

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