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About me


     "When it comes to the past,
                             everyone writes fiction."
                                                                                                            -Stephen King

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It's strange. I've spent years writing about other people, whether it be in my work as an academic, writing about the experiences of gamblers, my life as a sports reporter and editor at a small newspaper, writing about the lives and work of athletes and those around them, or even my fiction writing career, creating people and worlds from whole cloth. Almost a decade spending my time writing about people, but writing about myself remains elusive.

What I do know for certain, though, is this: My entire life I've wanted to be an author.

Photo credit: Miranda Moroz

Jason Pchajek (Pay-Jack) is a Canadian author from Winnipeg, Manitoba. With a deep interest in climate, biotechnology, human enhancement, inequality, and the future of our species, delving into the realm of "Cli-fi" with his debut novel Bounty was a natural first step in his writing career.

Receiving his Master's degree in Sociology from the University of Manitoba in 2020, Jason has spent much of the last decade studying a variety of topics, while gaining experience working as an academic, journalist, radio host, hockey play-by-play announcer, and corporate researcher.

When not working on his next project, Jason spends his time reading, playing video games, or prepping for his next DnD session. He is a member of the Manitoba Writer's Guild, a voter for the Aurora Awards, staff writer for the UWPG Film Festival, and published academic.

You can follow Jason on Twitter at @JasonPchajek and Instagram at @JasonPchajek. He regularly posts news updates, articles, and review to the site blog, and you can sign up to never miss a post!


Photo credit: Miranda Moroz

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